Disruptive Coating Technology.

Revolutionary: highly durable, micron thick coating doubles glass strength.
Scalable: nanoparticles can be infused for added properties.

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META (μετά):
above, beyond

MetaShield™ is an ultra-thin silica-based coating that significantly increases the break resistance of ordinary glass, without adding size or weight. Our patent pending nanostructured thin-film also has excellent optical clarity and durability.

Unlike current silica based coatings, which require expensive application methods such as extreme heat curing or vapor deposition, MetaShield is conventionally applied and quickly dries at room temperatures.

The MetaShield coating can also be tuned to provide a multitude of other benefits such as abrasion resistance and omniphobicity. Nanoparticles can be easily embedded into the base formula to provide a variety of enhanced effects, making the MetaShield formula highly scalable to many industry uses and applications.

  • Silica based sol-gel chemistry
  • Ideal for smart-device cover glass, windows, and more.
  • Approximately 1-5 microns thick
  • Blade, spray, or flood coating
  • Dries quickly at room temperatures
  • Embedded with plasmonic materials
  • Advanced light trapping technology
  • 1.2% total efficiency increase on AR coated triple junction PV’s
  • Approximately 100 nanometers thick
  • Spray, dip, or flood coating
  • Dries quickly at room temperatures
  • Embedded with UV-blocking nanoparticles
  • Transparent
  • 80%+ UVAB mitigation
  • Withstands radiation and extreme temperatures
  • Ultra-thin, ideal for interstellar uses


The patent-pending MetaShield™ coating platform also serves as a robust and durable host for nanoparticles that can provide enhanced properties and effects specifically tailored to multiple industry uses.

Since the formula can be infused with almost any nanoscale functional material, the list of potential uses is virtually limitless. Some proven examples include solar cell efficiency enhancement and UV mitigation for both terrestrial and interstellar uses, along with several more in development.

“Concrete, steel, and silicon made the modern era possible. Nanotechnology enables mankind to create a new class of materials, with far-reaching potential to transform the physical world and reorder the global economy.”

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"Over the last half century, our electronics and communications have been transformed by the 'Digital Revolution'. In the next half century, we will experience a 'Material Revolution' that will transform the physical world as we know it."
-Martin Ben-Dayan
CEO, Founder