Disruptive Technology - Seamless Integration

Unique Qualities:

  • Advanced glass-break resistance
  • 100nm - 16 microns thick [use dependent]
  • Can be embedded with various nanoparticles
  • Withstands extreme temperatures

Formula Features:

  • Transparent
  • Superior silica-based technology
  • Sustainable, non-fossil fuel based
  • Highly scalable

Simple Application:

  • Conventional spray, dip, or flood coating.
  • Dries in 5-120 minutes [use dependent]
  • No expensive vapor deposition, heating, or sputter coating.
  • Adheres to most glass, metal, carbon-based, and polymer materials

Other Benefits:

  • Near seamless manufacturing integration
  • In-situ retrofitting possible [for some uses]
  • Extends lifespan of aging products
  • Enhances composite strength